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An excerpt from our latest 2010 report:

Raureka School offers wide-ranging learning opportunities for primary students to Year 6, and has a good reporting history with ERO. The roll includes diverse ethnic groups, the largest being New Zealand European/Pākehā and Māori. All students are recognised for their strengths, interests and cultures, celebrated in an inclusive environment. A satellite class of Kowhai Special School is based within the grounds.

The Raureka curriculum promotes physical, creative, cultural and academic learning. Students are highly engaged in all aspects of the programme and demonstrate a strong sense of belonging and pride in their school. Student leadership is promoted. The development and modelling of shared values of respect, excellence and curiosity are highly evident throughout classroom programmes and in behaviour. Good integration of information and communication technologies in classroom programmes and a well-appointed library further enhance rich learning experiences.

Teachers and school leaders focus on improving outcomes for students, and good progress is evident in literacy and numeracy. In 2009, most students achieved at national expectations and those with special needs received focused programmes of support. Teachers’ ongoing professional development and attestation, mentoring and appraisal are well structured. Staff continually discuss, review and refine practice to enhance learning. They seek to further enhance student involvement in assessment practices, including students tracking their own achievement and goal setting.

Improvement-focused leadership has created a learning community focused on shared values, vision and goals. Strategic planning, resourcing and development initiatives support progress toward meeting the school’s plans and targets. Priorities for change and improvement are identified, communicated and implemented in a considered way. Rigorous and effective frameworks for self review support all aspects of management and governance.



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