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Academic Programmes

We have comprehensive and effective classroom programmes that are focused on individual learning needs, with groupings to meet children's abilities.

Our programmes meet the needs of all students.         

Special abilities and enrichment programmes:

- Senior maths streaming

- Otago Universtiry Problem Solving Challenge

- NSW University exams in Maths, English, Science

- Maths Week Challenge

- Arts

- Information Technology

- Literacy

Special needs programmes:

- Reading Recovery

- Individual Education Programmes

English for speakers of other languages.

We place a strong emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy with extensive professional development for teachers in these areas.

We have been able to achieve a huge increase in student achievement in writing, reading and mathematics as a result of this.

We are pleased to say that our teachers are: 

continuously striving to improve the teaching programmes to meet the needs of the children in each class